A revolutionary platform to enhance socio-economical relevance

Everyone should have a fair chance of getting the support they need to find the right field to study, personal development and consequently the right career in line with their talents and purpose .

Everizone at a glance

  • Boost talent based job matches – validated Talent CV
  • Active stimulus workforce mobility through semantic interoperability
  • Facilitates a continuum to enhance and maintain personal employability
  • Enables contemporary development and career guidance
  • Supports employment services towards a talent orientated approach
  • Provides qualified , real time, evidence based data for all stakeholders

The Metrics

Personal qualifications do not always keep pace with the evolution of knowledge, skills and competences needed by the labour market.

Everizone: bridges the (future) gap between the world of Talents,Education, Development and the Needs od the Industry

Everizone identifies and facilitates the availability of required Talent, Skills, Competences and Qualifications with a real time character in a community based (virtual) environment.

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Personal Employability

Everizone will be the Global Eco System for all its members, connecting the dots in Living, Learning, and Working.

Everizone’s visions
towards Future Education

Connecting the dots between Living, Learning and Working

Creating a community of interactive and tailor made learning on the basis of peer to peer learning.
Bringing the educational curriculum up to date with the industry needs.
Usage of various data analytics to improve learning experiences  worldwide, according to local needs and ambitions.
Have a transparent and realistic approach to the required life skills in the future workplace.

Everizone At The Horizon

Being the global eco system for all its members, connecting the dots in living, learning, and working.  Adapting to disruptive changes is a necessary capability for everyone. The motto of a member of the Everizone EcoSystem is ‘ inclusion and active participation’ and is connected to all these dots. Driving Digital Learning Experiences, fully connected with ‘how work works’ in the future and thoughtfully matched with industry needs will be the engine of every economy and society. Satisfied members, students, and trainees, employees and employers. This is Everizone at the horizon!


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