How does it work



Continuous Improvement Platform; Connecting Living, Learning and Working

Members, Partners and Clients will use Everizone to keep track of their own improvements and allow Everizone to connect them to others in our systems, improving employability and success rates of all stakeholders.


Member side:
The member logs in, completes an initial assessment, resulting in a Personal Employability Map (PEM) on his personal dashboard. He follows additional training/course, attends MOOC’s, webinars, workshops, etc. and re-assesses himself and asks peers and the trainers to assess him as well (360° resp. 180° assessments). The profile and employability improves with each step.

Employer/Partner side:interaction
All roles in a company are profiled. Employees complete assessments and see their profile on their personal dashboard. They follow training and all gains in experience are updated with each 90° (self), 180° (manager), 360° (colleagues) assessments.
When staff and departments are evaluated, one push on a button will evaluate all individuals on suitability in current and future roles, including the gaps.
If there are vacancies that cannot be matched internally, the HR manager may use Everizone as recruitment tool and retrieve (anonymous) profiles from the external database and invite individuals with a matching profile to send their application for the role.

Third example:
A University/Training Institute has developed a new webinar or MOOC and decides to search through all available profiles of their alumni and other external members on those individuals with a gap in their skills and an interest in exactly the objectives of the curriculum. Then they invite all matching profiles to register for the event or course.

Fourth example:
An NGO got awarded a CSR budget by a multinational to train a large target audience in a specific industry segment, say agriculture or health care. They profile the project in Everizone, search on individuals with a gap in their skills and experience, match and invite all matching profiles to submit their interest to join the program. Repeat assessments will support the NGO in reporting to their donor and facilitate winning future awards of follow-up programs.