About us

Who we are
Everizone wants to become the leading online platform where people connect in Living, Learning and Working. Our goal is, to give people the opportunity to be all they can be and get the best out of themselves and we offer companies, organisations the opportunity to generate the best match between the job requirements and the people tasked with it.

How does it work

Join Everizone, become a member of Everizone, is possible at any time (in the Cloud). By answering few questions, setting up a personal page and do an assessment.
This first assessment*, the Personal Employability Map (PEM), gives direction to the capabilities and competencies that someone has at his disposal. The outcome of this assessment may be the first step on the way to (lifelong) learning in connection with the endogenous capacities and capabilities; the instructions can be used in the PEM to give direction to a (further) education and further development.
After some kind of new learning, education, a subsequent assessment* can be done. Thus creating a curriculum in which development is enhanced and mapped. The assessments have different content, shapes and contribute to the self-awareness and understanding of the individual in their own abilities and skills. The profile of the individual may be caught in a spider graph.

What about education
The results of the assessments make clear what is the power potential of the individual. To further empower this specific strength, Everizone refers to (online) training. By offering standardized courses online, education is – as much as possible – on the same level around the world. Everizone provides no training but does refer to.

And business, industry, where do they hook to Everizone
When drafting a job profile, we look at competences in addition to knowledge and skills required. Such a profile may be caught in a spider graph. Through Everizone’s GapFinder, the (anonymous) profiles of potential appropriate candidates can be fully automated matched on the job profiles of the companies. If desired, the contact between the candidate(s) and company can also be established in a fully automated process. In addition to these GapFinder profiles in the outside world, can also be sought within the organization for the right profiles based on competencies; important for reorganizations, M & A, but also in normal situations where the right man in the right place is still the dream of every HR.

Does the government have a role
Especially in third world countries, it is important to work closely with the government to establish a VTA (Vocational Training Authority) just so the government guarantees the level of education and the quality of local education. Learning in communities can thus be promoted which improves considerably the proceeds of education. In addition, the industry can create courses that specifically suit the industry and join the VTA. Online education is again required to meet the global standards.

Special opportunities
Everizone’ s members create a huge amount of data. That also creates a lot of opportunities for research, tests etc. E.g. new teaching ideas to be tested as well as data on regional developments, etc. are readily available.